Little Neck Events


Jan 26 - Annual Banquet Party

Mar 9 - Black Belt Stripe Test

Mar 23 - Hong Ik Championship, Queens College

Mar 28 - Little Tigers Test

Apr 2 - Overnight Trianing

May 5 - Bear Mountain Hike, for Black Belts

May 18 - Black Belt Test

Board Breaking Week

(usually, 1st or 2nd week of every month in reg class, mon-sat)
Jan 14th - 18th,  Purchase Cards from Staff

No Regular Class
Jan 26 - Banquet Party, No Regular Classes

World Hong Ik Tae Kwon Do
248-25 Northern Blvd  2A
Little Neck, NY 11362
(718) 225-3030

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Park's Martial Arts

World Hong Ik Tae Kwon Do

Long Beach CALL +1.516.432.6006

Little Neck CALL +1.718.225.3030