Little Neck Events


​May 26-28 - School Closed for Memorial Day

​June 2 - Black Belt Test - MLK Center, Long Beach

June 9 - Black Belt Stripe Test

June 14 - Little Tiger Test

June 16 - Color Belt Test

​July 2-Aug 24 - Summer Camp

​Aug 11 - School Picnic

​Aug 25-26 - Boardwalk Demonstration and Fundraiser

​                 Break a Board 4 Breast Cancer

​Aug 30 - Color Belt Test

Register early for Summer Camp,

beginning on July 2.

You can sign up for the whole summer (8 weeks), or any week. Make the most out of your summer by spending all or some of your it here at Summer Camp building your skills and confidence. Come with a friend or make a new one.

Board Breaking Week

(usually, 2nd week of every month in reg class, mon-sat)
May 14th - 18th,  Purchase Cards from Staff

No Regular Class
May 26-28 - Memorial Day, School closed

​July 4 - School closed

Aug 11 - School Picnic, No regular Classes

World Hong Ik Tae Kwon Do
248-25 Northern Blvd  2A
Little Neck, NY 11362
(718) 225-3030

World Hong Ik Tae Kwon Do

Park's Martial Arts

Long Beach CALL +1.516.432.6006

Little Neck CALL +1.718.225.3030

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