Our Adult classes provide students with the opportunity to stay in shape, both physically and mentally. The challenges of memorization of curriculum and ability to think quickly to react during drills challenge the mind while the movement during these activities challenge the body. 

Our Little Tigers classes help preschoolers and kindergarteners to strengthen basic life skills while developing their physical abilities. Children will strengthen their self-control and discipline while having fun and getting exercising through fun activities! Children will be able to develop their skills in this class until they reach the age where they are physically and mentally old enough to move up to Children's class.

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Children's classes help to instill the core values of martial arts through character development while also giving children the outlet they need to exert their energy. Children will have the opportunity to learn about respect, develop self-discipline, build self-confidence and increase focus through practicing Tae Kwon Do. Children will have their physical abilities challenged through fun and exciting drills and exercises.

Little Tigers


A great benefit our Teen classes offer is the friendships student develop with each other. Teens have many opportunities to work with classmates, to help encourage each other. Our classes guide teens in learning how to handle more responsibility and how to take charge of their learning. Teenagers will also further develop basic techniques and skills while facing challenging exercises to increase their physical abilities.